A Peek inside the Doors of The Art Life: Painting by the Season Workshop January 2023

I know that you often hear me talk about The Art Life: Painting by the Season Workshop. I can't help it! I'm pouring everything I have into it! I spend a lot of time in the group as well as working and developing material for it. It's an art school and a thriving community! It's everything I've always wanted to do with my teaching and art practice!

Ever curious about what goes on inside the workshop community?

Here's what we painted in January:

Two Hour Monthly Workshop: Wyeth's Chair

Once a month, we have a live, two hour workshop. Every month is different and new! Learn techniques in drawing, painting and MORE. The sessions are recorded and placed in our video library.


Friday Painting Lessons:

Every Friday, we have a one hour live painting workshop. Every week is something different and fresh. Learn new techniques in drawing, painting, how to commit to an art practice and more! The sessions are also recorded and placed in our video library.


We are painting by the season, too!  


These were our subjects for January: 


Winter Lantern


Winter Tree

Winter Landscape


The Art Life: Painting by the Season Workshop is always expanding and evolving. 

In January, a new topic was added:  




Painting by the Season Workshop is about to dive deep into COLOR. We're starting with VALUE. 

The Art Life: Painting by the Season also had extra videos about:

  • Mixing Neutrals
  • A video flip through of my current journal
  • Finished Sketchbook Summer 2022-Winter 2023

Additional files:

  • FIVE weeks of Weekly art and journaling Prompts ( posted every Monday!)
  • Salon Notes (almost everything in the Art Life is recorded except our salons. This allows us to share and speak more freely. I take notes about things that I think are relevant and important to share.)

  • A post about Working on the Go
  • and much, much more.
The Art Life: Painting by the Season Workshop currently has over 170 videos in our video library! 
I add new ones every month!
Some of the things coming in February include:
This Sunday, 12 February 10 a.m. to Noon PST (live and recorded)  
Our monthly, live workshop

We painted a Winter Rose (also learning value) last Friday. This recording is in our video library.

This Friday, we are drawing and painting fabric (yes, dish towels.)  
We also have three salons this month! 


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