LIMITED: Own Some of My Original Work: Journal Pages, Journals, Paintings (from 2022) Coming this Friday, November 25th 10 A.M. PST

This Friday, 25th November at 10 a.m. PST, I'll have a new post that pops up (make sure to refresh my blog at that time.)
I'll have the following available for sale: 

As I explained in this post, the above work is from 2022.   
All of the work is priced to sell.

I am a working artist. Your support keeps a roof over my family's head, food on our table and the bills paid. Your support will also enable me to create new work in the coming year. I've been very lucky to have been teaching and creating for 25 years now and I hope to continue teaching, sharing and creating for many more years to come. So, from the bottom of my heart,




See you on the 25th! 
Should you have any questions, please email me.


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