The Night of the Storm

I stood above the shore in Yachats, Oregon watching a storm roll in. Perhaps it's because I've been reading Moby Dick, a book whose words have seeped deep within my consciousness but I'll never forget the way the ocean looked at sunset that night.

Supplies used:

Journal I made using a discarded, hardcover book with  100 lb Accent Opaque card stock sized Working size (book closed) 9 3/4 x 8" (Repurposing a journal I began in January.)

Acrylics: Holbein, Sennelier, Utrecht, Charvin and Golden (heavy body)


Painting knives

Princeton Catalyst Tools

Stabilo All Aquarellable Pencils

Posca and Holbein water based paint markers


Coccoina glue stick

Looked at:

Edvard Munch

Enrique Martinez Celaya


Herman Melville's Moby Dick


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