Monday, February 12, 2018

Available for Pre-Orders: My New Self Published Book, An Artist's Study

I have been wanting to offer another self-published book for well over a year now and my latest offering, An Artist's Study, is several years in the making. This full color, double sided 22 page, hand-bound journal is all me in the form of color, collage, paint, text and love. It is part diary part visual dialogue part travel journal. It truly is one of my most personal and favorite journals to date. I am taking pre-orders now:

Pre-order price US $30 plus shipping

THESE WILL NOT BE RE-PRINTED. Each book is signed and numbered by me.

Update as of 25 March 2018:
I just picked up the pages back from the printer last night. The next week will be spent signing, scoring, assembling, sewing, packaging and shipping them out. I am eager to get your book into your hands. Thank you again for your support and interest.

I am excited to say that this is my FIFTH self published venture!

An Artist's Study self published book will be assembled and hand sewn by me. Each book will be folded and bound the artist. They will also be signed AND numbered.

Pre-order the book as a hard copy (printed on 120 lb matte cardstock and hand bound by me)


Please remember that this is a PRE-ORDER for a hard copy!

The books will ship on or before April 1st (no jokes! They will probably ship far before that date.)

US $30 plus shipping


Overseas Customers:
Please email me at if you are interested in ordering a hard copy.

(A link will be sent to you on or before April 1st. If you are in my latest workshop, An Artist's Study, you already have the pdf.) 

PDF only: US$15

The pages are 4 1/4 x 5 1/2" (closed.) This 22 page book is small and looks delicate but it is raw and honest. It is one of my most favorite works to date.

The books will be hand bound by me.

Want to order a copy as a gift? Please note it in the order or send me an email. I will gift wrap at no extra charge!
If the above paypal buttons do not work for you or you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

For those of you who order, you will receive an email from me with the information that you need to know within 24 hours. Everything is done by hand by me. If it's not in your inbox, please check your spam box. If it's not there, please send me an email.

Feedback on my Previous Offerings:

"I didn't think I could love the paper versions as much as the PDF, but they are so BEAUTIFUL!!!! What a great job, Kelly--the size, the paper, the colors totally do your amazing work justice--as soon as I finish cooking I'm going to sit down and disappear. Thank you! Even the package is better than perfect!"-MM

 "Hi Kelly! It is quite stunning, girl! I am SO proud of you!"-RC

"Amazing! I just opened it. The way you put images together takes my breath away. I love it! Of course I'm going to look over it more, but just wanted to email you right away! The book is awesome. Congratulations!"-J "I received the book yesterday in the mail, it is so lovely . . . thank you for sharing these beautiful pieces of yourself with others. The timing of this sweet book was perfect and I look forward to sinking into your images and words in the coming days. The printing of this book is exquisite and the colors are fabulous. Thank you for this work of art."-KB 

"Kelly! Happy Thanksgiving. Your book came yesterday; I am still reeling from all the beautiful artwork and big and small flourishes. I loved the stamps and the tape and the rubber stamping, every little detail whimsical and important (how you!!) and each page so filled with details, personal depth, etc. I hope this is the first of a series. Thank you for this intimate and inspiring sharing of your beautiful self."-CM

"Yesterday your booklet arrived. Happy dance! It is as lovely as I imagined it to be. I really love your pages - small wonder I always come back to your classes. Thank you for sharing this; it is a huge difference to just seeing the pages on the Internet."-AB 

"was neatening one of my many stacks of papers just now and came across Kelly T.M. Kilmer 's fabulous book she recently published! I put it there so i wouldn't forget to mention it or thank her- ah well. Anyways, she recently published a small journal that is a collection of her art journal pages. it is small and intimate. the printing is like a very expensive magazine. The imagery is so clear I found myself- often- touching the pages to feel their textures- its so real! Its put together beautifully and handstitched. if you don't have one yet, make sure to contact Kelly- it is the perfect gift for your favorite journaler. Truly genuine and honest work! I loved it! Way to go Kelly! You did an incredible job!" -JC 

 "Love your little book. Super cool and great colors."-TS

"Hello, Kelly! Your book came in the mail yesterday to my office address. My coworker said "there are such pretty stamps on that envelope." Why, yes, I thought, of course there are! I can not fully express how much I was touched by every page you created. Such depth in your words, and tender reflection in the combination of images and colors. I am always inspired by your work and encouraged by what you write. Thank you, so much, for sharing your heart and art."-CB

Got my book in the mail yesterday and you did a wonderful job on it! Your work is so fresh, honest and open and this was a real treat to receive. Keep up the journaling as it inspires others to journal too."-D  

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