Monday, October 17, 2016

Santa Fe, New Mexico 2016


I had a great weekend teaching at Maria's studio in Fremont (as always, love and thanks to everyone who came to the classes this weekend. I will have the information for January's classes up very soon.) 

I am now prepping for my local classes in San Diego and Los Angeles this coming weekend. It's a busy week but I'm going to try to share some of my photos from my recent New Mexico trip with you here for the next few days. I took a TON of photos.

Favorite Places: 
Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps LOVE this store (and not just because I teach there!)
Jean Cocteau Cinema, Coffee House and Bookstore I wanted to buy David a present but they didn't have any of the four titles that he found on their website. They carry a small selection of autographed books by some of sci-fi, horror and fantasy's favorite authors. (thanks, George R.R. Martin!)
Doodlet's Fun. Tempting. Happy to have finally popped in! Will visit again. 
Angel's Bakery & Cafe (where I ate a great vegetarian sandwich and even bought a delicious chocolate cake for a late night, after driving dessert.)
Guadalupe Inn Santa Fe (within walking distance from the Plaza)
Santa Fe Suites (Guadalupe Inn was sold out this year so we stayed at Santa Fe Suites which is a drive but cute and clean!)

For Next Time:
Canyon Road (a half mile of art galleries and studio spaces! You need to google what they do on Christmas Eve! We drove down it. I can't wait until I walk down it.)


Next post, photos from Abiquiu!

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