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Thursday, December 08, 2011

My Essential Tape Rolls

Most of you know how very, very much I love tape. I use it to attach things to the pages. I use it as backgrounds. I wrap packages with it. I just love it. Most of you also know that I already have a huge post on tape that can be found here.

In the photo above you'll see the tapes that I bring with me in my on the go journal bag (the very same bag that you saw here that I work out of even at home.) These are my essentials.

My favorite tapes are primarily the washi paper tapes in solid colors. I love using them to layer on top of each other (most are transparent allowing you to make new "colors" of tape by layering one on top of another or to see whatever is underneath them.)

The little rolls of washi tape, I took all of my thin mt tape sets and tied them together. I throw them in a ziploc bag and they fit in the bottom of my journal bag. They are fun to layer or use them to draw attention to something on your journal page.

My favorite washi tape vendors are:

Ginko Papers in Los Angeles (an amazing one woman business!) Ginko is having a 15% off sale until December 20, 2011. Code word is HOLIDAY.

Washimatta (another one woman business! She is on a mini vacation until the middle of December.)

The other tapes that I LOVE are transparent printed deco tapes:

Script from Tapeswell (LOVE tapeswell! They are having a 25% off your entire purchase through the end of the year. More info here.)

The other thinner transparent printed tapes that you see above and that I use a lot are made by a company called o check. One is transparent script and the other is transparent typewriter type. Both are in black type. If you search supplies on etsy for type tape, typewriter tape, script tape, cursive tape, etc... they pop up every now and then. The prices run from about $3.50 a roll up to $9 a roll. Shop around! Also, there is a protective sticker around the top of each roll. If you peel the white printed sticker off, the transparent tape is revealed. It's cool 'cause then you can still use the sticker piece in your work (I hoard them.)

Pink type tape made by Prima Marketing (discontinued though sometimes it pops up on etsy and ebay). I hoard this tape. When I found out it was going to be discontinued I bought 2 dozen packs of it.

I love layering the printed transparent tapes on top of my journal pages. I also will layer washi paper tape on top of the printed transparent tapes (ooh! instant color!)

The large roll of pink tape is NOT like the washi tape at all. It's like colored masking tape. I bought two large rolls here. It's pink. I couldn't help it.

Please note, I don't work for any of the companies that I have mentioned in ANY of my posts. I mention them only as an extremely happy customer who has been purchasing and recommending their wares for some time. I only recommend what I buy and LOVE. I work for ME and for YOU, my students and readers.

Have you discovered the wonders of tape yet? What are your favorites?


Sharon said...

Thanx Kelly for my tape addiction. I just bought some fabric tape yesterday. Love it.

Nicole Austin said...

i love all kinds of tape! but lately i've been carrying around two round pencil cases with my most favorite washi tapes (one pouch for "cool" colors, the other for "warm" colors!) i love any kind of traditional japanese patterns, the stripes and any combination of bright colors & odd patterns. i like the different widths, too. and cavalini & co has some awesome tape!!

Lori Wostl said...

I found a Birds on the Wire tape at Journalfest. A woman gave me a 6" piece and now I cannot find it anywhere to buy. I looks like the japanese washi tapes, have you seen it?

Cat said...

I wish I could afford all the tapes you have!! I have printed tapes by Tim Holtz and 7 gypsies and some tiny rolls of solid masking tape. I want more tapes but I also want some of the Neo Art Watersoluble Pastels you were talking about the other day!! Want should be my middle name!! Love you for all the information you share and your awesome journal pages. Hoping to be able to sign up for your new class but still have Xmas shopping to do!! We'll see if I can get creative with my finances!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Lori, the tape is probably birds on a wire from Hambly. They sell it in a 3 pack.

Nicole, cool beans! Thanks for stopping by!

Sharon, Ooooh new tape!!!

Cat, I built my collection of tape up over time. I don't have a lot of money either and most of it that's extra goes to class supplies. I'm posting all of this info not to make you want to rush out and buy, but I'll be compiling it into one big post since I'm always asked what my favorite supplies are. When I'm done, everything will be found via a button on my blog that you can access at any time. ;)

Just so you know, I don't close sign ups on any of my classes so you can join at any time!!! :) all of the classes are work at your own pace. :)

Lori Wostl said...

YAY! thanks Kelly I found the tape at Hambly just like you said. HB to me! Lori W at Art Camp for Women

sweet line art said...

Hi do you know how someone can make my own tape? I want to put my designs on this washi tape... Know how?