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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Nature World of Captain Bob

In 2007, I wrote about Captain Bob! and the influence he's had on me since I was a kid. I would get up at the crack of dawn (5 a.m., thank you very much) to watch his show, The Nature World of Captain Bob. I would have my pencil, crayons and paper on hand and follow along. He
never talked down to the kids watching the show. I loved drawing and how he made you feel that ANYONE can draw (a belief that I still hold to this day).

Captain Bob made a tremendous impact on me as a kid and I'm flooded with memories as I write this. I have been searching for copies of his tv show for years now. Tonight, I have found my Holy Grail! A kind soul has posted these to youtube:

The funny thing is, I remember this episode clear of day and I probably saw this in the late 70's or early 80's.
I really didn't think that I would ever see an episode again. Whoever posted this, thank you. Thank you so very,
very much. You made a little redhead girl very happy.

Captain Bob! on facebook
Muddy Colors remembers Captain Bob
Captain Bob and Rex Trailer on WCVB


Sandy said...

I don't know about Captain Bob but this is really neat.

Sarah said...

That looks like such a good show! Children's programmes that don't talk down to them are a great thing! The Clangers always strikes me as a good one of those.

Sarah said...

Oh-and I agree that anyone can draw-but so many people are so convinced they can't-even at an early age-it is a hard thing to fight against!

Susan Stokinger said...

Oh I sooooooooooo remember him and Rex Trailer. Thanks for the memories. xxoo Susan

Anonymous said...

I too remember him and Rex Trailor. We had some good shows here.
Thanks for the memory trip. I enjoyed watching the videos.

Brian said...

Captain Bob was AWESOME!!! He was Mr. Wizard for artistic kids who woke up at the crack of dawn. Watching him was better than a magic show becuase not only did he create art from a blank page, but he showed you how to do it. To this day I still remember how to draw a Stegasaurus the Capt. bob way. Ty, Capt.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding me about the wonderful Capt. Bob. I can still hear the sea shanty music as I write this. I am also grateful for the impact Capt. Bob left me. Today I teach art at an elementary school thirty minutes from Boston Ma. I remember how I would wake up at the 4:45am to set up my drawing supplies and watch the channel 5 station start with the American anthem and then the station would go on starting with Capt. Bob. His kind and gentle way was a lot like Mr. Rodgers and Bob Ross.
A few years ago I contacted channel 5 in Boston to see if I could buy any of the old shows on DVD. Sadly they said they where not saved. Because of Capt. Bob's encouragement, saying every week anyone can draw and a past art teacher named Sister Vincent DePaul I became an elementary art teacher. Thank you.