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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Safe travels! and some more info on ALMBH


For those of you out traveling this season (that includes me), safe, stress free travels!


Thank you, Corey!


Someone sent me an email yesterday asking the difference between my A Prompt A Day and My A Life Made By Hand class. Here's what I wrote back to her-

They're two totally different classes. It's a brand new class as I do not like to teach the same class repetitively. I have a lot of repeat students every month (both in person classes and online) so I need to make sure that I am offering something new and unique. My students really do push me and I want to teach classes that push them.

First off, the new class is much cheaper. $50 for 6 months. That's the one that grabs everyone off the bat.

People thought you had to keep up with A Prompt A Day and do it daily, but that was never the case. It's the same thing with A Life Made By Hand. There are 181 new journaling (yes, writing) prompts that are new and designed to make you think. I think they're more introspective. There are new writing prompts in ALMBH.

There are new collage techniques. NO painting. We're doing what I call "Painting with paper" where the focus is all collage. There are 25 collage techniques on the board. All different, all new.

I will be doing video demos as well. There are 5 on the board now with more to follow.

There are two different "How to make your own journal" pdfs on the board and one video, in case you do want to make your own journal by hand.

There are thousands of different prompts and ways of looking at things. I've found that out in my 12 years of teaching.

This class is specifically set up so that you can do a page in 15 minutes or less. You can do them daily or you can do them at your own leisure (for example, you could have your own mini retreat and do the prompts over a weekend or something like that). The prompts aren't hard, but they're not simple either. They are thoughtful, introspective and designed to make you think in new ways.

By the way, nothing has a date on it. The writing prompts are numbered as 1 to 181. The collage prompts are diagrams that are the size of 2x3" ATC size cards that you can cut out and carry in your wallet. Nothing says January 1st, 2nd, etc... I set it up that way so that no one would panic if they missed a date, that no one would think they had to do this daily (even though I do encourage it, but again work as you need to). It is stress free and fun.

There is some basic 411 info (paper I use, pen info, some other things too) on the board that I've copied over from A Prompt A Day, but it's meant to be a simple FAQ for my classes since I tend to use the same materials, but I approach my pages in a different way each time.

Hope this helps...

Info on A Life Made By Hand here.


~Barb~ said...

Safe travels and a wonderful holiday, Kelly...and enjoy that Red Beret! lol
Peace & Love,

Viki said...

Love the page you have posted here.

I also wanted you to know that I'll be signing up for the new class AFTER Christmas.

Christmas $ comes in handy.

I love the idea of the little cards you can carry around. Seriously, I can't think of a more relaxing way to spend my break at work than making art!

Sharon said...

Hi Kelly, I just signed up. i work so much, it is extremely hard for me to on anything close to an art schedule. But this is so inticing, I had to do it. Thanx, Sharon

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
Safe and happy travels to YOU and YOURS. Have fun in the snow.

M said...

Thanks Kelly, I had the exact same question bouncing around in my head. Have a safe trip and have a Merry Christmas!

Sarah said...

Happy Christmas Kelly to you and your family!

Sandy said...

Great page, great info on the class. I wish you safe travels and a Merry Christmas with your family.

Kay said...

At first I thought this was going to be very similar to APAD but it so totally is not. I like it much better. I especially love that you've included videos and not just written instructions because I'm a visual person and that makes it so much easier. Choosing what papers to use together will be a little intimidating at first but so was painting till I did a few.
I think anyone that's interested is crazy if they don't grab this opportunity and sign up because it's a great deal and more personal because you have the vids of you. You get a lot for your money and if you turn the visual prompts upside down you get double the prompts.
I'm still working on last months APAD's so that's proof you don't have to rush and can still do them even after the class is done.
Ok, I'm done rambling now.
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

Sharyn said...

Safe travels my friend

Karenann Young said...

I don't have any ideas where to get good "focal" pictures. Do you have any favorite magazines that you use? I'm thinking if I could find some, I'd love to take your class. I have some books I can trade in here and they have magazines you can trade for but I don't know where to start. Thanks!

Kelly Kilmer said...

It really depends on what you like-what images you are drawn to. I like hands, hearts, eyes, faces, female images, things I can use for personal symbols and imagery. You can use your own photos if you have them. I like-
Real Simple
-the above two I read and then dog ear the images that I like to cut out later on...or, I tear as I go.
Mary Jane's Farm-I LOVE this magazine for the images and the articles. I have a hard time cutting it up though.
Lula-amazing magazine that comes out quarterly. it's expensive ($15) but it's PACKED with images. There should be a new one soon as the last one came out in October.
Boho-a new magazine
Hi Fructose
I usually look through fashion magazines, photo magazines and nature magazines (especially birds).
I also will look for images online from time to time doing key word searches for things I'm looking for. I'm also a huge fan of old children's books that have drawings, scratches, scribbling, markings in them.
Also searching on google images and even flickr are good things for personal use in journals.

Hope this helps. If you have ANY questions, email me.

:) Kelly