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Monday, November 09, 2009

My name is Kelly, and I'm a tape addict.

Problem? Nahhhh, I don't think so. My students who get to use the tape in classes don't think so either. ;)

Pages I've done with tape ONLY as background-

and here

More to come.

I did update my tape post with some new favorite vendors.


Very INTERESTING documentary on a certain WALT that you can find here. Some stuff I knew (his prejudices, his participation in the McCarthy Witch hunt trials and the like)...but not all. Had NO idea that a certain elephant movie was made by strike breakers. Well WELL worth watching. Guess where I won't be going any time soon???? Watch it while you can. All six parts.


Terri Kahrs said...

Wow! Love, love, love all of your tapes! I've got a puddle of drool all over my computer desk! Hugs, Terri

Brian K said...

Thank you Kelly! We are here for you to help you through your tape issues... Must resist... myself...

You've started me on my pen addiction thanks a lot DEAR!!!

TonyaA said...

Oh my goodness! This looks similar to my collection of tape. I am a tape addict too. I can't get enough of it.
Blessings, peace, and love!

Vel said...

I have to tell you it's because of YOU that I've begun collecting tape. I have I think about 10-12 rolls now (a few are Kawai samplers) and I've bookmarked (and shopped at) a few of your fav vendors. I seriously love the stuff so thanks for enabling. No, really, I think it's a great addiction to have!

Anonymous said...

Have you read The Gospel According to Disney, Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust?

PaperPumpkin said...

You inspired me, and I ordered my first 5 rolls!

taylor said...

umm Kelly, you may have a slight problem. Have you talked to anyone about this issue?Are you scared your life wlil become undone? (Kidding and you don't have to post this if you don't want to). That's a lot of tape! More than my collection of trolls.

Sharyn said...

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

You ARE bringing some back East , aren't you?

Seth said...

What a collection!! Hope this is one addiction you never give up!

Jeane Frizzell said...

I loved this post! I must play with my tape- like now!

sharon said...

LMAO! oh, kelly!