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Sunday, August 30, 2009

L.A. Printers Fair

My friend Kara and I trekked off to the L.A. Printers Fair yesterday.

Look who we ran into, The Paper Studio. Hi, Gary and Cindy! If you don't know, The Paper Studio in Tempe, AZ is my absolute most favorite source for paper on the planet. Their selection is exquisite. Their paper divine. Their studio space is amazing. You can visit them online here 24/7.
Kara and I found some really cool vendors. I went absolutely ga ga and all fan girl when we spotted Michelle Moode's table. I. Love. Michelle's. Work. LOVE. As in, if I had a thousand dollars and I had no worries, I'd have spent it all at her table. I've blogged about her before. Make sure you visit her site here. Now. Go. Come back later. I'll still be here. Isn't her art fantabulous? Absofrickinglutelydelicious?
I didn't take pictures of everything (I overheard a vendor telling a buyer that people weren't supposed to take pictures there. Oh well.)

Another artist I wanted to point out is Jennifer D. Anderson. Both Kara and I bought one of her books. Check out her blog here and her website here. LOVE her work. So many layers. So much depth.

Coming back into Los Angeles, this huge cloud of smoke and ash blanketed the sky.
Here's the view from the fifth floor of the parking structure at the Grove in L.A. over the Hollywood sign. I wasn't the only one taking pictures. Several Japanese tourists were also taking pictures along with me. I should have taken a picture of them. I'm amazed at the number of people I saw jogging and exercising in the 100 degree heat despite the warnings to stay indoors.
It's an extremely upsetting and scary sight. Not only for the people and animals who live in the fire ravaged areas, but also for our firefighters. Keep all of them safe and close.
Thinking of my Aunt Joni today...it's been two years. We miss you and love you. Lots.


T and J said...

I'm always amazed at seeing people suck hard on cigarettes in this weather.

Running in 100 degree heat never made sense to me. FOOLS!

Raine said...

You look so much like your aunt! My thoughts are with you on this day.

Michelle C. Moode said...

thank you for the nice mention! and very nice to meet you at the fair! what a great day.

Michelle Moode