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Thursday, July 09, 2009

journal page, book love and more

My book came!!! It is TOTALLY what I have been waiting a very long time for.

Art Revolution by Lisa Cyr.

Stop whatever it is you are doing and get your butt over to the local bookstore. You NEED this book. If you don't buy another art book all year, you NEED this book. If you've been saving your pennies, this is what you should spend your pennies on. $25 of art love. I haven't read it yet but I have flipped through the pages and drooled over the art several times. It goes without saying that many of my favorite artists are in it including-

Barron Storey-Now the fact that Barron Storey is in here, makes me tell you to go get it. NOW. Don't know who the hell Barron Storey is (you should if you read this blog!), get over to this post here and learn more. Follow the links in it.

Dorothy Simpson Krause-I love love love Dorothy Simpson Krause. You also need her book, Book + Art. It is one of my favorites.

David Mack-Who doesn't love David Mack and his work? Get his books and make damn sure you get his DVD.

Dave McKean-What? What do you mean you don't know who Dave McKean is
. You know who Neil Gaiman is, I bet. Stop reading this. You can come back. Go to wherever your local comic book shop is. NOW. I'll be here when you return. You'll have a smile on your face and you'll be thanking me.

Fred Otnes-Oh. My. God. The. LAYERS.

I could go on and on. I won't. Do whatever it takes to get your hands on this book NOW. I have a funny feeling I will be carrying it around with me like a certain someone carries a little blue blanket for awhile.

Ooh, look what's coming out in January 2010. A new Lynne Perrella book!

Ricë Freeman Zachery's latest book comes out just in time for my birthday!!


MB Shaw said...

Oh I know, I just got that book yesterday and it is faboo!!! I need to absolutely pore over every single page.

Susan Goodell said...

I just ordered mine. I can't get enough of Barron Storey. I wanted so bad to go to New York for his exhibit, but it doesn't look like I'm going to make it.

M said...

Hi, my name is Marissa and I am a bookaholic....

Seth said...

Every time I visit your blog I end up spending money! LOL! Thanks once again for your recs!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Sorry, Seth. That's what other people have told me. LOL So, I stopped posting about books and art supplies and then people whined that I wasn't posting about it. I can't win-lol.

martha brown said...

They have names for people like you....ENABLER. Sheesh, I'm never going to catch up on my credit card debt :) Art Revolution doesn't come out in Canada for another 2 weeks though....

Kelly Kilmer said...

As I said to Seth, I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. People get mad if I don't post books and stuff. People get mad if I do. Can't win.

Sandy said...

Am absolutely loving the Art Revolution book. Amazing insight into the artists and their processes. I agree that this is a must-buy.

Lisa L. Cyr said...

I saw your review and wanted to introduce myself and thank you for spreading the word! I've posted your review along with reviews from others here:

I also have a facebook page for the project. All events, exhibits and lectures will be posted there.

Thanks again!

Lisa L. Cyr
(author of Art Revolution)