Sunday, August 24, 2008

Swatches: Little Paper Books

Here's another (almost) finished "Swatches" book. I posted some of these at the end of July. These are the little paper books that I worked on during Comic Con. I have become obsessed (in a good way) with these little booklets working on them whenever I have a moment.

**Update: Order one for yourself! More info here.**

I'm teaching this class several times over the next few months. You can find out my schedule here.

Here's the workshop description:

Swatches: Little Paper Books- I'm absolutely addicted to these little books. I guarantee after this class, you'll be too! After you pick from a hodge podge of "found" papers, you will assemble a variety of little paper books. We will quickly assemble a small pile of "swatches" learning a quick and easy bookbinding stitch as you go. We will then start to work quickly on the pages (but not too quickly) working in multiple books at one time, listening to our muses (no criticism only soft whispers of "go for it..."), we will collage, stamp, paint, doodle, stitch and play on the pages. You will learn how to work fast. You will learn a variety of new mixed media collage techniques. You will walk out with a small pile of books that you can toss in a bag and bring with you anywhere and everywhere.
Supply list- Students should, please, bring to class: Favorite Glue stick, Scissors, bone folder, cork backed metal ruler, 3 1" bristle brushes to paint and glue with, container to hold water, small selection of collage ephemera to use, roll of waxed paper, roll of paper towels. Questions? Please email Kelly.


Auntie Karen said...

Ever thought of doing internet classes for us slobs who live in the wrong place? I would take this class in a hot minute if I could!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up! *wicked pissa grin*

Taylor schapiro said...

I want one!! (or two...)

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun they look! Just looking at your images make me inspired to make mini-books all weekend long! Thanks for sharing your book online Kelly!

Seth said...

These little books are so cool!