NEW Workshop: A Saturday 22 June 2024 A Visual Summer Guidebook Mini Retreat!

A Visual Summer Guidebook Mini Retreat
Saturday 22 June 2024*
11 AM to 2 PM PDT 


Paper, paint, and pen fans, unite! 
Gather a small amount of your favorite supplies (see list below) to create a journal that's just perfect for summer. 
If you love color, layering, mark making, and creating rich visual textures, you'll love this workshop!

It doesn't matter if you're home or on the go, this is the perfect journal for every day use.
We'll begin by creating our book from scratch. 

We'll discuss a variety of different approaches to working in the journal. 

Some of the things that will be covered: 
  • Taking the every day and translating it into art
  • Media: collage, drawing (yes, you can), painting, mark making, journaling, and more
  • Working on the go and in small increments of time
  • layering, mixed media techniques, journaling prompts and approaches, and much, much more

This is one of my absolute favorite journals to make and work in. I'll share what I've learned along the way in the many times I've worked in and created these journals. I think you'll love them as much as I do.

Supplies needed: 
  • rectangular piece of card stock/heavy paper to work on (I recommend card stock 100 lb or more about 11 x 17" which will create the above sized journal. Please note you can make it in ANY size, even larger from a parent size sheet of paper) and bone folder (or metal spoon if you don't have one to crease the paper)
  • collage material (small amount of favorite images, background papers. Think about reading THIS), favorite adhesive, metal ruler (for tearing), scissors, something to glue on and a rag/paper towel
  • a small handful of your favorite paint colors (I'm using acrylics), brushes/palette knives, favorite painting tools, paper towels/rags, plus water in your water bucket
  • Favorite mark making tools: paint markers, pencils, water soluble crayons, etc... I used what I have, you use what YOU have. (I will send you a specific supply list of what I used upon registration. Again, I want you to use what YOU already have.)
(I'll send a list of the specifics I use so you have it upon registration. Use what YOU have.)

**Disclaimer: I do not work for or represent any company or brand. The views I share on my favorite tools and brands are from more than 25 years of working hands on with acrylic paints and mixed media supplies. No one pays me to sell their wares nor do I receive any free product. I only recommend what I love and use.

*I am NOT an art therapist. These workshops are NOT meant to be a substitute for actual therapy.**

Can't make the live workshop?*

The main part of my workshops are always recorded. Please note: for those who are camera shy, during the main part of the workshop I am pinned and students are muted (but, encouraged to unmute and ask questions!) Additionally, before and after the session, there is time for students to ask questions, share, and engage with each other and me, WHILE NOT BEING RECORDED.


You'll receive a special link and a class handout within 2 days after the workshop ends. You'll also have access to me should you have any questions AFTER the workshop ends.


Remember, enrollment for the live workshop is limited. 

 I like to keep the group small so everyone has time to ask questions and share.


Make time for your creativity.

Questions? Please email Kelly at

How do I sign up?


See you soon!


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