A Year of Ko-Fi, Mini Prints, and More


A year ago I started something new.

I opened a Ko-Fi shop, offering mini prints of my work in digital and printed formats.
This idea of a monthly patron offering was originally started in my online workshop community called The Art Life.
I offered postcard size prints of my work, original paintings, mentorship, art classes, and eventually, the mini prints.
These little mini prints make me so happy.
I can assemble a portable, mini art gallery of my work, rearranging them, shuffling them, and holding them in the palm of my hand.
They've made my patrons happy, too.
People worldwide have shared with me how they display the work and how it's inspired them with their own creativity.
There's a lot of behind the scenes work involved before the prints are sent out.
Thinking, planning, sketching, painting, repainting, photographing, picking them up at my local printer, sorting, signing, addressing envelopes, packing, shipping, and more.
Doing this work allows me to revisit the past month's work, to sit with it again.
It starts all over again when I receive emails and messages from my patrons saying that they're holding the work in their hands.



I think of this work as sharing a small piece of me. It's not always easy putting yourself out into the world, but when it's offered and received warmly and with openness and truth, there's no better feeling.

Moving forward, I'm excited to share some new ideas that I am working on. I'll be sharing them with you soon.


In the meantime, if you're interested in mini prints of my work, you can find them here. Catch them while you can because these paintings won't be available in this format (mini prints) again.


My Ko-Fi page

My Ko-Fi shop (with printed and digital offerings)

Additional Offerings: subscription tiers, mentorship, private workshops, original paintings and more  

The Art Life Workshop Community


“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main...”
John Donne


Thank you. 


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