Working in a Series: Folding Chair

I keep returning to the motif of the simple folding chair.

Returning to the same motif allows for play and experimentation. 

It opens doors to different media.

It pushes you out of your comfort zone. 

It makes asking, "what if?" an important part of your routine.

It encourages you to use what you have, and make it work.
You make time for play.
Think about setting limitations in tools, size/substrate, time, etc...
You learn about color.
One brush, four colors, one hour.
Sketch and sketch often.
Spend time looking, thinking, and dreaming.
Think of your sketchbooks as playgrounds.
None of the work is precious. It should move you forward.
Everything is a learning opportunity, not a mistake.
Think about what you want from doing the work.
There's no time limit on when you have to finish a series. It can be a lifetime of work and play.
Write about your experience, process and goals. It may help you.
Working in a series opens us up as well as our work. Think about what motifs and ideas you want to explore and return to.
All of the above work was done in and for The Art Life: Find Your Way Online Community and Workshop.


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