How to Find Collage Images if You Don't Buy Books or Magazines


I was recently asked for some suggestions for alternative collage imagery. Not everyone has access to books or magazines. So, what are the alternatives?


Remember, if you can glue it down, you can collage with it. 

Collect things that are of interest to you: 
look for colors, textures, text, etc.. 
Food wrappers
Envelope patterns
Junk mail
The list is never ending once you start to think about it.

Do you draw or paint? Use your own work.

Have an abundance of old photos? 

What about using found papers and making images from the found papers? Shape (cut/tear) and then arrange and/or paint them into something new (landscapes, figures, etc...) Explore your inner Hannah Höch, Matisse, or Geta Bratescu!

Paint your own papers a la Rex Ray, Eric Carle, etc...


Look to modern artists such as Njideka Akunyili Crosby and Erin Currier who transform found papers (photographs, labels, wrappers, newspapers, etc...) into luscious and deeply personal paintings.

Grab a pencil and scrap paper and start to brainstorm all of the resources for paper that you have access to. When you're done with the list, you now have collage material that's unique to you.
Doctor's offices and hair salons often have books/magazines. You could ask what they do with the material when it's out of date.
Used bookstores/library sales/thrift stores/yard sales sometimes have free piles.
Ask friends/neighbors for their old magazines/books and tell or show them what you will do with the material.
Here are a couple of articles on the history of collage and collage artists that may spark some  ideas:
More of my Links about Collage:
Please let me know if you have any questions or if I've missed anything!


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