What I'm Reading


For inspiration, I'm flipping through Mackintosh Flower Drawings as well as Dobkin's Principles of Figure Drawings (I bought it because it has a wealth of figures from a variety of artists throughout history.)

I've been dipping into Notes for a Young Painter by Hiram William's off and on. I'm always drawn to books where painters write about their thoughts behind the work and the creative process. 

I picked up The Analog Sea Review: an Offline Journal recently. It has interviews, excerpts from a wide variety of books, art and more. It's not an art book but a journal publication about slowing down, life beyond the internet, creativity and other things. I picked up three volumes and to get on their (snail mail only) list, you have to write to them. 

I've been rearranging my books and storage space. I hope to have it finished soon. I'll share what my revised living room corner (aka studio area) looks like when I'm done. I may be posting more books for sale soon.


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