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The Art Life is a virtual live classroom (with live and recorded sessions), library and community with a wealth of information for artists interested in: 

  • art journaling
  • drawing
  • collage
  • mixed media
  • painting (acrylics)
  • general creative explorations AND MORE


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 Motivation, inspiration, community, engagement & MORE all for less than a dollar a day! ($25/month!)


*SOME of the things you will receive for being a member of The Art Life: 


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  • LIVE, VIRTUAL, TWO HOUR FULL WORKSHOP (workshop will also be recorded and placed in our video library): collage, acrylic painting, mark making, journaling and MORE! The photo that you see at the very top of this page is this month's sample page.
  • Paint/Mixed Media LIVE, VIRTUAL Demo! The topic will be revealed later! I promise you it will be fresh, fun and INSPIRING! ONE HOUR, ONE SESSION every month! (also recorded and placed in our library)
  • LIVE, Virtual Paint Salons: Gather with other students for sessions along the lines of old fashioned quilting bees but with paint, mixed media and MORE. Twice a month, I'll work alongside you and share/spark ideas.  FOUR HOURS of group creative time that you can set aside as a part of your creative practice.
  • Building a Daily Practice: 15 Minutes a Day: M-F, daily bite-sized recorded lessons on a wide variety of mixed media: collage, painting, mark making, journaling, mixed media ideas, drawing and MORE.  I've been a longtime advocate of 15 minutes a day of creativity. If you want to be an artist, or do any kind of creative work, you have to make the time and show up for yourself. These exercises can be done alone OR can be used together to create a page a week. Mix & match! Get inspired! NEW exercises and ideas EVERY week day!

  • VIDEOS: **LOTS OF VIDEOS** in a VIDEO LIBRARY collage, acrylic painting, mark making, journaling techniques and more. As of this post, there are over 84 videos (and more to be added on a regular basis!)
  • RESOURCE library! There is a PLETHORA of ongoing material being added in this workshop! (Think demo videos, WIP photos, interesting articles, and more.)
  • WORKSHEETS with exercises, prompts, techniques and more that is guaranteed to get you creating! As a BONUS, I'm also building a library of my in person handouts for classes (from 1998-2000). LOTS of worksheets!
  • COMMUNITY/ART SALON: Gather and meet artist friends on a regular basis to talk all things involving THE ART LIFE
  • ONGOING INFORMATION SHARING: I will feed you with what is inspiring me! All in the hopes that this will inspire and feed YOUR creativity and show you what to look for in your own life!
  • COLLAGE SHEET LIBRARY: a digital collage sheet (for you to print out at home and use in your personal work) 

Ready to sign up?

Please note that the cost is per month and you can sign up on a month to month basis OR subscribe as it fits your needs!

  • Tier 1 Full Access to the Art Life Community and Material (everything I mention above here* Think: videos, resource library, worksheets, digital collage sheets and MORE. Think of it as a Creative University for art journaling, collage, painting, drawing, mixed media and more!)  $25

  • Tier 2 How about a printed, surprise goodie in the mail? All of the above PLUS printed surprise goodie in the mail $35

  • Tier 3 Interested in original art at affordable prices? All of the above PLUS original art $75 LIMITED 

**Interested in an ongoing subscription without having to remember each month? Those options are here (if not, monthly payment options are below the subscription prices):


The Art Life Patron Project


How long do I have access?
  • The Art Life Project is on a month by month basis (April 15th until midnight PST on May 14th!) Join at ANY time (for example, join on May 12th and I will keep you on through June 14th.) OR subscribe and you won't ever miss a session!
  •  New material for each month's workshop will be posted on an ongoing basis!

  • You will be able to save the class material.
  • Questions? Please email me at






"ART LIFE is a Journey around color through painting, creative writing, and collage. ART LIFE enhances my life in incredible ways: Technical progress, knowledge of Art and inner explorations. Kelly Kilmer embodies generosity and deep commitment, in her teachings and in the attention she gives to her students. ART LIFE is a continuum of manifested JOY and develops self confidence." 

("ART LIFE est un processus autour de la couleur par la peinture, l’écriture et  du collage. ART LIFE enrichit ma vie de manière incroyable - progression dans les techniques, connaissance de l’art - cheminement intérieur. Kelly Kilmer  incarne  la générosité et un engagement très profond dans sa pédagogie et l’attention qu’elle porte à ses étudiants. ART LIFE est un continuum de JOIE manifestée et de mise en confiance de soi-même.") 

- Nathalie A., France


"I have been taking classes with Kelly Kilmer since 2012. Over the years I have experienced great improvement in my artistic confidence as a direct result of her encouraging teaching style. Her new online offering, The Art Life, is amazingly rich with resources. Kelly continually adds more demo videos and posts about collage and acrylic painting tips, a variety of art mediums and tools, collage sheets, and so much more on a regular basis. In addition, many of her handouts from past classes are available in The Art Life. During group paint/play sessions she generously addresses any questions, wielding her own paint brush to demonstrate her answer. I am so glad I signed up for The Art Life!" 

-M.R., California

"I signed up for the Art Life as I want to improve and the regular monthly lessons/posts  from Kelly keep me inspired and committed.  Kelly is a wonderful teacher and the content  and quality is as good as attending in person classes.  I was lucky enough to meet her and attend one of her workshops in France a few years ago and found it a wonderful experience.  I find the Art Life a wonderful and creative experience too.  Kelly knows her stuff. Collage, writing and acrylics in journaling. I love it." -K.T., U.K.

"I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your videos. They are EXCELLENT!  Thanks so much for all of your hard work making them. I just wanted to let you know that I am totally loving the process."-T.G., California


"Always a pleasure to be in a class of yours. You have a soft, hands off approach that is great for seasoned folks like myself… I just love being surrounded by folks making art, with an instructor who is so generous and sweet."-N.W., California  


"Let me say with each and every class I take with you my love for your work grows bigger. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and love of art. I feel rejuvenated after your classes. Thank you for being you!"-M.D., Wisconsin 


"I think you are a great teacher and I really connect with your teaching style."-M.C., California 

"Thanks for the great class. It was really inspiring.  I’m looking forward to continuing with my book.  You have a wealth of information."-S.Y., Massachusetts


"Honestly, your classes are a perfect fit for me, my art, my process, my ideal! I ALWAYS love what I create when working under your tutelage, and your techniques are fun, innovative and bring out the best in me!"-S.J., Texas


"Thanks for doing what you do.  You make the world a better place."-C.M., Colorado


"I love your classes, your personality, your teaching style, and your nerdy side about books, museums, and traveling. I love history and art very much. I learn about collage through you and LOVE IT MUCH.Your journaling style is educational, therapeutic, mindful, and creative. Your style match with my learning style. You are very smart Kelly! Never change."-M.B.  


I hope that you can join us and become a part of The Art Life Workshop!




"What makes art great is not only and not in the first place the high quality of what is created. Rather, art is great because it is an absolute need." 




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