The Post Some of You Have Been Waiting For: Grab Bags, Collage, Stencils, Markers, Stamps and MORE





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There's a LOT to say in this post so thanks for taking the time to read the whole thing!  

It's been three years since I've done this! I will NOT be doing this again any time soon! I have cleaned out my studio (a.k.a. my living room) and you can benefit! I'm selling a PLETHORA of goodies:

These are just SOME of the 60+ LOTS of rubber stamps up for auction now through Sunday, December 5th at noon PST via a private facebook group here. These are the last of my wood mounted stamps.  (I will add photos of the rubber stamp lots at the bottom of this post if you'd like to see them before you join the group. There are over 60 lots including alphabets so consider what you see below a sneak peek.)

Again, all of what I'm selling above are from my personal stash that I have loved for several years. They have been my tools that have helped guide me on my journey and now, I hope, they will inspire and guide you!

I can combine shipping. Please pay for your items that you are interested in now and I will either bill you for additional shipping costs or refund you for any excess shipping costs. I ship via USPS priority insured mail. (PLEASE be extremely patient with USPS especially this time of year.)

Folks outside of the U.S., you can check out and I can invoice you for shipping, but these are being shipped in flat rate boxes and they can be very expensive to mail overseas.
If you order by 12/7 at noon, I will ship out on or before 12/9 via priority insured USPS mail.  
One last note, please note, that once these are gone, I do not know when I will be making them again as I have really downsized my art supplies and these are EXTREMELY limited.

Thank you for looking and for your interest! I am doing this to make way for something a little different and every sale will help me do just that!
Now for the wood mounted rubber stamp lots sneak peek that I promised:

Inspirational Collage Grab Bags:

Your bag could be the one shown above. No two grab bags are alike. Each one is completely different and full of a plethora of collage ephemera: book pages, magazine pages  focal images and much, much, MUCH more. 

These are all from MY personal stash that I have been hoarding (I mean saving) and are hand picked by me (for me and now for you!) I have cleaned out my collage stash completely (I am currently down to two small drawers of collage material. Everything in the bags is from MY stash.)

These bags take me several weeks to make, not including the time spent searching and buying the materials inside. These are treasures from all over the world. They truly are a curated collection.


Mixed Media Grab Boxes:


*Each box will contain at least 3 stencils in varying sizes (some may be paper and but most are heavy plastic from major companies. All used and well loved but they are sturdy and have many, many more years of use left in them.) 
*several rolls of washi/paper and decorative tape (at least 5 rolls of varying sizes, again, from my personal stash. A mix of used and new here.)
*pencils, pens and markers (You will receive a variety of pens and markers for you to explore and experiment with. Some new, some  used with love.)

**MORE surprises not shown:

*-a SURPRISE book of journal inspiration (either for you to read or collage the text with.) Picked from my personal shelves. A little bit of inspiration added in every box!

*-a SURPRISE small, handmade journal from me! (I usually sell these for $25-50 each.)

These boxes take me several weeks to make, not including the time spent searching and buying the materials inside. These are treasures from all over the world. They truly are a curated collection.
Questions? Problems? Drop me an email at 

Thank you again!


Geraldine said…
best wishes kelly. i hope everything goes.
Kelly Kilmer said…
Thank you so much, Geri. :)

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