Get Them While You Can (Possible Last Chance) My Favorite Glue Sticks-Coccoina 40 Gram

I'm placing my last order with my U.S. source for my favorite glue stick on the planet, Coccoina. He is retiring from selling for 40 years (yay for him, sad for us!)

Once these are gone, they could be gone forever (from me.) I do not know if (or when) I will be able to order these again (or if they'll even be available at this price! As you know, unfortunately, inflation + pandemic...)

Glue sticks are $8 each plus shipping. 
Ten glue sticks are $75.00 plus free shipping.

Coccoina 40 gram glue stick
This is my glue stick of choice that I've been using exclusively for almost 20 years now. I've tried it in all formats (wet, in the tin, etc...) and the only one I use and love is what you see above, the 40 gram glue in a stick.

40 grams is the largest glue stick that they have available and the only size that I will buy it in.The glue stick lasts a long time and is an excellent adhesive.

If you want more (or less) than what I've listed below, drop me an email at

Shipping is U.S. customers only, outside of the U.S., please email me.

(Gluing tip: I cover the entire back of my paper with the glue. I'll place it where I want it and then using a dry rag or paper towel, I'll gently burnish ("smoosh") the image to the surface (never use a bone folder while an adhesive is still wet.) When not in use, keep the cap on (until it pops!) These glue sticks will last for quite some time when stored in a cool, dry place. 

As always, thank you.


Lucie Hale said…
I've used this glue for years and LOVE love Love it as well. I just placed my order with you! Thanks for posting about this glue!

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