Destruction is Part of the Process

It took me quite some time to learn that if something isn't working, you can't be afraid to start again. Growth comes from being able to paint over, peel off, paint over and start again. It's how we learn and gain confidence. Picking up the brush (or pen, scissors, etc...) is always valuable no matter the end result. Destruction and letting go are part of the process.

I spent most of Saturday on this work. I began with background collage (script, a sunflower snippet and a ship.) I allowed some of the images to peek through thin layers of acrylic. I spent several hours layering acrylic before I decided it wasn't working and did this. The bell is the only thing (along with some color peeking through) that remains.

I am curious as to what the next development will be with this work and am excited to get back to it.


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