Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Former front and back journal covers.

This is what the journal originally looked like in January of 2020.
About a month later, while sitting at a park in Burbank with my family, I reworked it. 

The very top photos are what it looks like today. I did not do any additional work to it since mid February. The only collage on the blue cover is the woman that ended up being completely painted over. I decided to try to treat it like a blank surface as much as possible. I liked the bits of journaling peeking through the paint so I left that alone.

The white flower was originally a collaged image of a flower. With several layers of acrylic paint and pencil work, I changed the flower completely. The text is also all collage but heavily painted and colored over. 

I had painted about six pages inside the journal before I decided to cut it up last night. (I will share the inside pages at a later date.) I wanted to keep the covers and propped them up on a bookshelf for inspiration. 
I'd been working back and forth between these two books for a month or so. Last night I decided that it just wasn't working for me. So, I tore the smaller book up (the larger one is still complete and as of this posting, remains an intact journal.)

I thought about sewing new pages in but my work has changed so much since the beginning of the year that I decided it was just best to move on.

(I have plans for the inside finished pages. The blank pages will get used for another project eventually.)

It felt invigorating to tear up a project that wasn't working and to decide how to breathe new life into it...

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Sassy said...

Fantastic result but I am particularly taken by your willingness to tear up what was no longer working for you and using it to start fresh. I can't really fathom doing that at the moment even on the pages I dislike -- but maybe as I get more pages done!