Busy Painting

Finished some very big To Do List things this weekend. It took me some time before I could start the work you see above, from actually doing the above work to being able to cut the pieces down (not shown here. I may share to Instagram and FB later today.) I really wanted to keep the above either as they're shown here or torn down into journal spreads but I didn't. Last night, I broke out the ruler and started ripping them down as individual pieces, which is what they were intended to be. Each one will soon make its way to their intended destination via the postal service later on tonight.

100 lb Accent Opaque cardstock Acrylics: Utrecht, Golden, Holbein and Sennelier
 a regular pencil
Stabilo Aquarellable All in One water soluble pencils in various colors (except white)


Stephanie said…
Lovely! What size paper did you use - their 12x18 sheet? Where do you get it? Thanks.
Kelly Kilmer said…
Thanks, Stephanie. I use parent size card stock or index paper bought at Kelly Paper (our local paper warehouse.) I've tried various watercolor paper over the years and have always been happiest with just heavy card stock. Depending on where you live, I've also used poster board and just try not to use any water and keep your brush dry. Hope this helps.

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