Sunday, June 21, 2020

An Abundance of Paint

Recently a very good friend gifted me with an extremely generous Blick gift certificate. Before buying, I took inventory of what I have, what I use, what are my favorite mixing colors and what I truly needed (I had an abundance of red so I skipped ordering that for now.) Like many, I have been hesitant to spend any extra money during safer at home orders on anything other than food, rent and toiletries. Paint is a necessity for an artist but it is also a luxury and I wanted to make sure that I put the gift certificate to good use.

One of my goals the last few months has been to explore and expand my knowledge of paint. I've been painting for 23 years but there is always something new to discover. 
I haven't used any of the Utrecht paints in jar form before (I usually buy it in tubes.) I love the quality of their paints especially their professional grade heavy body. 

Ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, titanium white and a little black make the most beautiful Cezanne greys. (Thanks, Maira Kalman, for this tip.)

Since I do not know when I will teach in person again, I have class paints (NOT shown) that I am looking to donate to young people/teens who don't have access to acrylics. Any suggestions of people or places that are accepting donations of gently used paints would be greatly appreciated. I can mail them in large flat rate boxes anywhere in the U.S. 

-journal (which I make)
-Coccoina glue stick
-scissors and a metal ruler (for cutting/tearing)
-paint brushes
-palette knife
-water based paint markers
-.35 rapidosketch pen (with black India ink)
-Stabilo Aquarellable water soluble pencil in various colors (black is my favorite)
-water brush pen
-collage material

Have you made anything lately? If so, what? What are some of your favorite must have tools?


MY MUSINGS said...

I sent your blog to my daughter....and said....This blog could inspire the dead! That would be me. I gave up art a while back, and all day been thinking I need to try painting again! I did junk journals...but stopped. Now I want to try again with some painting.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks for the kind words! LOL and thank your daughter for me, too! I hope that you can pick up a paint brush again very soon. :)