Thursday, May 14, 2020

She Carried it Home: a Page in Stages

"Fall in Paris" started it. I read it as, Fall into Paris or Fall in Love with Paris. I loved Paris but Auvers sur Oise is the place I constantly dream about. 

The table, the easel, the chair, the bowl of oranges helped push it in the direction it ended up going in as did current events (Covid-19.) A woman sitting in a room, thinking, dreaming, remembering, planning, wondering, existing...

The palette came from trying to use colors I don't usually like to put together (primaries.)

Life shapes us. Our experiences stay with us. We carry them with us. I pulled from memories and photos and translated them into a journal page.

There are three pages left in this BIG journal. I decided on the next page last night. I'll share on Instagram first.

Stay well. 


Zom said...

That was interesting. So much paint in your art journal. Did you have a plan or were you responding spontaneously?

Kelly Kilmer said...

I start by working with the images and each additional layer speaks, guides, challenges, sometimes blocks me along the way.