Wednesday, May 20, 2020

A View from the Orsay

Edit: I thought about it last night and added as well as changed a couple of things... 
I realized after the fact, I wrote peeling paint when I meant peeling paper. Ce la vie.
My palette.
I really liked it as it was but it didn't feel finished.

The page is about two separate days in France, exploring Toulouse (discovering peeling wallpaper on a demolished building) and a trip to the Orsay. 
I usually like to build up the layers but I wanted the text to peek through. 
I was going to build on the collage text to the right of the figure but decided against it.

Two pages left (I am writing this to hold myself accountable. I have two other projects I really want to work on but need to finish this big book first. Sharing how many pages I have left means I won't tear them out or glue them shut.)

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