Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Reading Repressed Spaces: The Poetics of Agoraphobia

Figure now is as good a time as any to try reading this again, Paul Carter's Repressed Spaces: The Poetics of Agoraphobia. David is reading Camus' The Plague. I have not read that yet and may have to when he is finished.

Reading is one of my methods of shifting focus. It may be difficult to concentrate in the beginning but I will read and reread a paragraph or even a sentence until the only thing I'm focusing on is the book. It helps to calm my squirrel mind especially before bedtime. 

(I put Edward Hopper to the side for now.)

Have you been able to read lately? If so, anything you want to share?

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Roseann Cazares said...

Albert Camus is one of my favorite writers. Unfortunately, his life was too short. Camus' "The Plague" is disturbing. I read it back when I was an undergrad in college. It was disturbing enough that even after all of these years, I still remember it. And here we all are, living through this global crisis. Surreal.