Monday, March 16, 2020


The world is falling apart how are you still painting?

The world first fell apart for me June 9, 2012 when I lost my Dad.

February 6, 2016 when David started bleeding in the middle of the night and was diagnosed with cancer on his kidney.

May 2018 when my only son packed up and moved to Canada for a year (to work to save money so he could finish his senior year at CalArts, this year.)

The world is always falling apart, somewhere, somehow, in some way for someone. 

What do we do? We reach for things that bring us stability. For some that may be exercise, cooking, cleaning, dancing, etc... For me, it's a paint brush, a marker and a glue stick. It's what keeps us focused. It keeps us breathing as the world goes on around us. It helps us to figure things out and to forge ahead. It helps and sometimes that's all we need.

In this unprecedented time, I hope you find what you need and continue to reach out to each other. If I can do any small act of kindness as an artist and art instructor at this time, I will.

Please stay home. 

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MissBooksmith said...

Kelly, this is beautiful. it is true, the world is always falling apart for somebody. Keep going and appreciate what you do have as you go along.