Thursday, February 06, 2020

Found Treasures and Matisse


A couple of years ago at one of my favorite bookstores, I bought the above book. I collect books on my favorite artists and I have a heavy shelf full of books on Henri Matisse. When I got home, I flipped through the book and found the following taped in the back:

The book was owned by an artist named Edward Grant Swayze. Unfortunately, there isn't much information on him on the web. I don't know how the book made its way to the used bookstore, but I can guess.

There IS information online about the man who took the photo (and is sitting in the above photo with Matisse.) His name was José Gómez-Sicre. His wikipedia photo is a cropped version of the above photo. Gómez-Sicre was a noted Cuban lawyer, art critic and author. 

I'll continue to research the meeting and will share what I find.

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