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NEW DATE: Saturday, November 23th Mar Vista Little Pieces: Explorations in Creative Play: A Process Workshop in Idea Generating


Little Pieces: Explorations in Creative Play: A Process Workshop in Idea Generating

Saturday, November 23th 
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Designing Letters Studio in Mar Vista, CA


Workshops are open to the public.
This fresh, new workshop teaches a variety of NEW ideas involving collage, creative processing, self expression, composition, design, layering, painting and much, much more.

My workshops are always about inspiring creativity, generating ideas and learning how to see. The ideas can be translated into a variety of art forms. Use your art journal "as is" or for a springboard of inspiration for other art forms and living a creative life!
Please note there is a small supply list.
More details will be sent upon registration.
Beginners to advanced are welcome in ALL of the classes.
Interested in signing up? Questions? Please email Kelly for more info!

You may send someone else in your place if you are unable to attend the workshop, or you will receive a kit for the class. You can either pay via paypal (see button below) or send a check or money order. Once you've signed up for the workshop, you will be sent the address and directions to the workshop location. If you have ANY questions you can email me. I will also give you my cell phone number so you contact me.

The class fee includes a vast array of mediums and materials to complete the necessary project. It is well known that I do not travel light to any of my classes. I will be bringing such things are: 

  • all materials necessary to complete the project (handmade paper, decorative paper, board, glue, etc...)
  • bookbinding supplies (thread, awl, needles)
  • rubber stamps 
  • ink pads 
  • decorative tape
  • stencils
  • pens and markers
  • gel medium
  • collage ephemera and much, much more.

I do not travel light to my classes at all.


Little Pieces: Explorations in Creative Play: A Process Workshop in Idea Generating
Corita Kent once said “Consider everything an experiment.” I've taken her words to heart and translated them into an idea generating exploration in creative play!

I've been eager to teach a process based workshop that explores the idea of creative play. This workshop will keep your hands moving, ideas generating and paint flowing.

Begin by making a series of different books (little pieces) constructed of the odds and ends of my favorite kinds of papers. We will then spend the workshop working back and forth between the different books, filling the pages with fresh ideas. Your hands won't stop moving as you explore new ideas in collage, painting, mark making and more. Our goal isn't to finish anything but to gather, generate and experiment.

These little pieces serve as larger inspiration for our journals, paintings and more. They are little treasures that help ignite, spark and feed our creativity.

This is unlike any workshop you've ever taken with me. Prepare to be nourished, inspired and eager to continue the process of making. You'll want your apron. We're gonna get messy.

Supply list:
an apron, baby wipes, scissors, a small selection of favorite collage ephemera (think about reading this when choosing your images and papers), metal ruler, bone folder, a full roll of paper towels OR old rags, a container for your paint water, your favorite paint brushes,  a few of your favorite glue sticks (please trust me when I say that large glue sticks will last you longer. I always have two or three 40 gram glue sticks in my journal bag and that's more than enough for a long weekend. You WILL go through the smaller glue sticks in MINUTES), roll of waxed paper OR an old catalog or magazine to glue on (if you don't want to use all of your waxed paper for this.)


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