Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Books for the Road

I've been trying to finish Van Gogh: The Life for a while now. Alas, I've been so busy making last minute preparations that I've only been able to dip into it. It is available now on Audible so I got that as well as an inexpensive paperback that I'll leave behind when I'm done with it. 

I had to bring the letters, of course. 

I also have two guides to Van Gogh travels (the Atlas) as well as a wonderful book on where to find Impressionist related areas in and around Paris. 

I won't be bored on the plane. I also have my itty bitty booklight packed. 

I never leave home without my planner (this was a gift from my friend, Roseann. It's made by Teesha Moore fits Traveler's Notebook inserts.)

My journal and a small kit of supplies is also packed. 

I'm ready!

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