Wednesday, January 30, 2019

My Weekend in Fremont

Sunday Artists: Maria, Lisbeth, Raven, Sara, Yvonne and Meryl

I was blown away by the work this past weekend. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like being in a room full of working artists. I wish I had taken more photos. I wish I had remembered to take photos in all of the workshops. Paper, paint and inspiration flew all weekend long. 

I'm glad that I at least have these as my friend, Maria Moesch was on it. Many of these photos are hers from the weekend. (Thanks, Maria!)

Top from left to right: Two books by Raven, Maria's palette, unknown palette? (please correct me so I can properly credit)

Middle: Moon Woman by Maria, two books by Sara, Lisbeth's book, Maria's book

Bottom: Lisbeth's book, Raven's book (red tulips and women), house and heart by Maria, Blossoming flower by Meryl, Shrine page by Yvonne, page under that and to the right with writing by Maria, large journal by Sara and two blue circles with red lines by Meryl. 

Thank you to my generous students for allowing me to share photos of them as well as their work. It's nice to share the inspiration beyond our weekend. 

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GothBarbie said...

Kelly - Your workshops are JUST THE VERY BEST!! I always learn so much, become SO inspired and beyond enjoying the process, I love the pages we make! I'm SO LUCKY you're a regular at Maria's here in Fremont! I can't wait until your next visit.