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Saturday, October 06, 2018

Unfinished Pages from my Cracking Myself Open Journal

I don't like to tear work in progress (WIP) pages out of my journals. I try to finish them as best as I can and move on. For some reason, I stopped working in this journal before the above pages were finished and just moved on to a new book. I thought that I'd share these WIP pages with you. 

Unlike some other artists, I prefer to leave my books as is once I've moved on. I don't like reworking old pages (but am always utterly amazed and fascinated by other artists who do.) I won't rework the books but would be open to making color copies of the pages and reworking the copies in other ways in new journals and art.

Thanks for being a part of my journey.

1 comment:

Sandy Putnam-Franklin said...

There is SO much potential in each page individually (not necessarily as a 2 page spread)!
When I received my packet of goodies, you included an unfinished page, so I'm sure anyone would appreciate that, however, you create such wonderful things, I vote for re-creating each page and turning them into something new! I now have a huge collection of your pages that I return to over and over for inspiration!