Friday, September 28, 2018

Erin Currier Las Meninas Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe, NM





One of my favorite artists is Erin Currier. I still remember the day that my friend, Sarah Fishburn introduced me to her work and my jaw dropping as my heart started pounding. When I found out that Erin's new exhibit, Las Meninas was opening the same weekend I was in Santa Fe, I knew how I was spending my Friday night.

I wasn't disappointed. Not only did her work knock my socks off and leave me wanting to run and pick up my own paint brush, but Erin was gracious enough to sign the pile of books that I plunked down in front of her. (I am dreaming about owning one of her originals some day but until then, the books are more accessible to me.) I tend to fan girl over artists I admire and Erin was very kind with her time. 

These photos don't do the work justice. Her layers are rich, her meaning deep and her heart is poured out across the canvas. I've never seen anything quite like it.

If you are in New Mexico, PLEASE get to the Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe before the exhibit closes on Saturday, September 29th. I apologize for posting this so late but my internet was very spotty on the road and I had to wait until I was on the desktop to write it all up. I hope that I have done Erin Currier's work justice and I've encouraged you to seek her out.


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