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Monday, June 18, 2018

Catching Up...

It's been crazy busy the last few months. I'm home now until Art Unraveled in August. What have I been doing?

I taught at Maria's home studio in Fremont and had a grand time. Can't wait to go back in October!

I was home for about five minutes before we headed out to The Academy to see one of my favorite films of all time, Stanley Kubrick's 2001 in 70mm. Christopher Nolan introduced it and Douglas Trumbull appeared sitting behind us for the second half of the film. 


My sister arrived on Wednesday and we got into a ton of trouble. Her birthday was that day and she flew from Boston to see and meet Mike Shinoda at Amoeba Records in Hollyweird. This involved sleeping on the sidewalk (I sat in a chair and worked in my journal, read or talked to people while
waiting), standing in line for more than 24 hours and meeting a ton of new friends. She had the time of her life and will probably be talking about it for the rest of her life! (There are a bunch of live videos over on my facebook page.)

Our first stop was for slices of birthday cake at Hansen's Cakes on Fairfax. Hands down, the best cake shop in Los Angeles.

Then we stopped at our favorite breakfast nook, Lulu's Cafe. If you go, tell our favorite server, Luca that we said hi! We went twice this trip. Their omelettes are my favorite.


Over the weekend, we visited Mr Rogers' Neighborhood by seeing Won't You Be My Neighbor? (I enjoyed it but not at insane Arclight prices!) We went from Mr Rogers to Jim Henson Imagination Unlimited at the Skirball Center. My favorite parts were seeing the actual puppets and the sketches. I'll be honest in saying that I'm greedy and wish that there were more concept sketches but I'll take what I can get...

It was a quick trip as Erin left Saturday morning. Before I dropped her off at LAX, we drove the streets of Los Angeles in search of cake and found rainbows!

Image may contain: 1 person

Later that night, David and I went to The Egyptian to spend some time with the Damfinos and see Buster Keaton's The Cameraman in 35mm with live musical accompaniment on the big screen. The last time we saw it on the big screen was at LACMA in 1995. We love seeing Keaton on the big screen as much as possible.

We got up early Sunday morning for a tour with author and film historian John Bengston of the Buster Keaton Studios. The Damfinos had this plaque installed the day before and the City of Los Angeles proclaimed June 16, 2018 to be Buster Keaton Day in L.A. John's written several books and has an amazing website about silent film history locations in Los Angeles. 

So, what's next? I'm looking at piles of laundry, unanswered emails and more on the ever growing To Do List. Tackling things day by day and looking forward to...

Hope that June is treating you well so far...

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