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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Bringing Home the Goods Portland Style

On the way home from teaching at Art and Soul Portland 2018. I had a grand time! It's an environment where ideas and creativity thrive. I was really happy to be there!! 

Thanks to everyone who attended my workshops and to everyone who made it all possible. I hope to see you at Art and Soul Colorado Springs in June where we get to do it all over again!

I plan  on a whole separate blog post of all of the mural shots I took.

Gifties from my Mom on the right: sloth purse and cat ring from Frock, Little monster figure (will insert artist and gallery asap), shampoo bar and hand cream.

Goodies I bought on the left from Collage: handmade paper, four rolls of tape and pen on the left. Pen on the right from Blick. I will share more info on the pens once I've had more time to experiment.

Books I bought from Powell's. They didn't have any of the art or film books I was looking for. I did find some Siri Hustvedt books which I couldn't pass up as they were signed. (Yay for trade credit and gift certificates!) The little heart cards I gave out for Valentine's week to my students with little thank you notes written on them. 

Mom and I are in Fremont until tomorrow staying with a friend. On Tuesday, my sister, brother in law and their two kids come to visit. I'll try to share some of our adventures that Mom and I had to and from Portland as much as possible.


Pam said...

I love Portland! Kelly when you listed your upcoming 2018 workshops I am hoping with all fingers crossed that you might squeeze in Wisconsin again - missed you last time you were in the Midwest and I am so hoping you might be able to do it again this summer. Pretty please!

karenc said...

Hi Kelly,
Thank you so much for your wonderful generosity in Portland at Art and Soul! You arrived with a smile that never stopped, and the hugest (is that a word?!?) bag o' goodies to share, along with beautiful paper and thread and paint and papers and pens and everything else needed to soak up your energy. It was a wonderful day, and I'm grateful for the opportunity and your knowledge. Now, excuse me, while I tear some paper and spread several layers of paint.
Thanks, from that girl with the southern accent

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Pam, Thank you! Mark your calendars for May 11th and stay tuned, please. :)

Hi Karen, Thank you so much!!! I love teaching and I'm so glad that it showed. HA! Hugest-love it! I hope that you continue to work in your journal and have a wonderful time doing so. Please keep in touch.

Hugs and thanks to you both!