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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Posca on my Mind

I've written many blog posts over the years about my favorite art supplies. My running class joke is that, "I apologize in advance for any future addictions." I've been raving about Posca Paint Markers for many, many years. Up until recently, they've been a bit of a pain in the tucchus to find in person. Well, A few months ago, I walked into Blue Rooster Art Supplies and saw this:

It took everything within my power NOT to hug what I now refer to as, "The Best Thing Ever" or what the employees (rather simply) called, "The Pen Dispenser." Now, if you've actually used this machine, you know that while it LOOKS like the Best Thing Ever, the way it disposes pens is rather ridiculous. You have to pull and lift and do a lot of work to get your goodies. In the end, it is the adult version of a rather complicated candy dispenser. Yet, it is so much BETTER than a candy dispenser because it gives you paint markers and praise the paint marker goddesses, these paint markers WORK. My only complaint about them is that they don't come in MORE colors (Hey, Posca, can we please think about adding some pastel colors and more of an assortment of extra fine points, pretty please?) Also, easily found water based paint markers (I am NOT a fan of the oil based kind) that are priced right and are perfect quality? Sign me up!


Posca Coloring

JetPens (one of my favorite places to buy pens and markers)

More about my favorite pens (lots of links) can be found here.

Again, I'm not paid nor am I given anything for this post. I buy my supplies just like you and I'm only posting this information so that YOU will go buy the product so that the company makes more so I can buy them. I know, I know... That said, if a certain company wanted to send some Posca markers my way so that I could add them to my class bag, my students would love it.


Shanta said...

Hi Kelly, great post on Posca pens! I recently bought my first set of them (as if I needed more paint pens :p - but I had heard and seen great things about them online) and looooove them - such beautiful and opaque colors. And that pen dispenser sounds pretty awesome. I've never seen one in person....yet...hehe.


- Shanta

redondowriter said...

I know you have long loved them and Vicki Szamborski at the PV Art Center where I've been taking classes also adores them.