Inspiration/Mixed Media Grab Bags for Sale

I haven't done this in a very long time and it's about time to do it again! I'm cleaning out my studio (a.k.a. my living room) and you can benefit! I'm going to be selling a very different kind of inspiration grab bag. No two grab bags are alike. Each one is completely different and full of my favorite collage materials and/or art supplies! These are extremely limited.

Everything is from my personally, curated collection that I have an overabundance of at the moment.

I will stuff a flat rate priority medium size mail box with:

-Collage Sheets made by me (my personal collage sheets that I offer in my classes as well as use in my own work.) I sell these for $5 each. You will receive at least four.

-A plethora of collage ephemera: background papers like book pages, magazine pages decorative paper, focal images and much, much, MUCH more. These are all from MY personal stash that I have been hoarding (I mean saving) and are hand picked by me (for me and now for you!) 

-stencils (both paper and plastic. All used and well loved but they are sturdy and have many, many more years of use left in them.)

-rubber stamps (at least two different sizes hand picked from my shelves. Many have either never been used or very gently used.)

-washi/paper and decorative tape (at least 4 rolls of varying sizes, again, from my personal stash. A mix of used and new here.)

-pencils, pens and markers (I went nuts here. You will receive a variety of pens and markers for you to explore and experiment with. All NEW and never used before.)

-a book of inspiration (either for you to read or collage with.) Picked from my personal shelves. A little bit of inspiration added in every box!

I'm cleaning so who knows what else I will fill your box with! Each box will have over $100 worth (that's an understatement) of art materials and inspiration inside. 

Again, only things that I use and like in my pages.

(Folks outside of the U.S., you can check out and I can invoice you for shipping, but these are being shipped in flat rate boxes and they can be very expensive to mail overseas.)

Please note, that once these are gone, I do not know when I will be making them again. I have really downsized on my art supplies (for various reasons) and these are very limited.

Thank you for looking and for your interest!

If you order by 12/20 at noon, I will ship out on or before 12/21 via priority insured USPS mail.



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