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Monday, October 03, 2016

A Tale in Photos: Born to Run: Bruce Springsteen at The Grove

David and I got in line about 10 a.m. Sunday morning to meet Bruce Springsteen at Noon on Monday (October 3, 2016) at Barnes and Noble at The Grove where he was to sign his new book, Born to Run.
A view to the East of us as the sun set. We were hot (and shaded by a large umbrella) during the day and we were quite chilly (with the wind) at night. This photo goes down Third Street, past the park and ended with eleven hundred people in line. The line was capped at 4:30 a.m. on Monday (a half an hour after they said the line would officially open. A small handful of people started the "unofficial" line at 9 a.m. on Friday.) People came from near and far. We spoke with folks from Phoenix and Dallas. I heard that folks also had come from England and Japan!
I spent the late afternoon and evening reading Bruce's new bio, Born to Run. As of Monday, I am halfway through it and am really enjoying it. I haven't read a musician's biography in a very long time. 
This was one of my favorite passages that I read late last night:(about Elvis) "...I do know this is what he did: lived a life he was driven to live and brought forth the truth that was within him and the possibilities within us. How many of us can say that?"
The calm before the storm (photos taken before the store closed late Sunday night.)
The book is selling quickly. They had a small handful of copies upstairs, too. They had our pre-signed books in a special area.
I've been to many events at the Grove and have never seen the area curtained off with black drapes until today's event. This is what it looked like Sunday night.
Success! At about 6 a.m., after a long, sleepless night spent among 1,100 Springsteen fans (and probably quite a few scalpers), a variety of insects, people constantly asking, "What are you in line for?!" and our fellow Angelenos strolling by who looked at us like we were absolutely insane, some schmuck (aka the asshole) who drove by the entire line intentionally beeping to wake folks up at about 2 in the morning, we were herded into the store in small groups where we purchased our books. They then cut off our initial yellow entry wristband and replaced it with the official blue one shown above. (I really wanted to keep the wristband for my journal. David helped me snap a photo before they cut it off after we met The Boss.)
The store was closed down for the event (so, if you wanted to buy something, browse or catch a glimpse, you were out of luck.) Again, I've never been to an event at The Grove where they closed the store for an event. I was at Vroman's for Jimmy Carter and they closed the store (understandably so) for that signing

The photo op (I love that it wasn't even called a meet and greet as you barely had time to say hi to him) was scheduled to start at noon. Based on prior book tour appearances, we were expecting him to show up early and he didn't disappoint. Springsteen showed up a little before eleven a.m. and the event immediately started.
The line snaked throughout the entire store (and still outside, around the corner and down the block.) It was not the longest line that we've ever stood in (Jimmy Carter signed for 1,500 and we go to San Diego Comic Con where it's not unusual to have 7,000 or more of your closest "friends" standing in line with you to get into Hall H on Saturday morning.) 
When it was time to meet The Boss, you were quickly led (still single file) behind the black curtains to the stage where he greeted you with a handshake and a smile. Here are some of the photos that I was told not to take (if you were in the first group of one hundred people, you may find yourself in these photos.)

After more than twenty four hours in line, we're with The Boss! We had time to squeak out a, "THANKS!" before they tried to shuttle you through. I really wish that with all of the security they had brought in, that they hired people who knew how to work cameras. (Some people were crying after hours spent in line and photos that weren't successful.) 
I love this one of David looking at Bruce. 
Clearly, I didn't know what the hell to do and was trying to figure out how to talk to him so quickly.
 No, really, we're done. Leave. (No one said this but security clearly wanted us through the line as fast as possible. David thinks we had about six to fifteen seconds with him. It seemed to be over before it started.)

We were quickly escorted through the curtains where we were handed our signed book, our blue wristbands were cut off and we walked out to be surrounded by press asking us about the event (we avoided the press though there's probably news footage and shots of us in line somewhere.)

In a flash, it was over. I keep thinking about what I wish I had said to him. I was going to thank him for making music that makes us feel alive but I think he already knows that. 

Reading his book is a small glimpse into the man and I'm looking forward to finishing the rest of it this week after some much needed sleep.

In short, it was, as usual, a surreal experience. Everything about it was surreal. Not quite real, but obviously something was real. Some proof about the reality: someone who had been in line longer than us had a seizure shortly before Springsteen arrived, and was taken away by ambulance.

I won't forget it.



Barb said...

What a once in a life time experience you both enjoyed. Meeting people while waiting in line and meeting The Boss, is something you both will never forget. Thanks for sharing the entire process and your great adventure with us. Really a special time for you both.

Elizabeth mcentee said...

He looks tired. And you guys must have been tired too. Remember when he was just a crazy loud boy from Jersey? LOL - my favorite song of his is "Im on fire" - his growling, ahhhh.