Ruth Gikow

I was hoping to post the grab bags and things that I had mentioned the other day today but yesterday was spent with two doctors and making several phone calls. I am going to spend this afternoon trying to finish putting together my stash of art supplies to sell and will post again (with a new post) if I can get things ready to sell tomorrow or Friday. Thank you so much for your patience.

As I clean and rearrange my little art area, I am rediscovering some treasures. At some point in my travels, I picked up a copy of Ruth Gikow (1970, Maecenas Press) at one of my favorite used bookstores. I flipped through it and fell in love with the color, texture and raw emotion that filled the pages. I thought that I would share some of her work here.

It looks like there are at least three published books of her work:
-Ruth Gikow 1970

-History of the Jews in America. Illus. by Ruth Gikow

-Ruth Gikow: Recent Work 1976

Wikipedia entry on Ruth Gikow
Archives of American Art: Ruth Gikow Papers
Oral History Interview with Ruth Gikow
NY Times Obituary from 1982


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