Art Supplies for Sale

For various reasons, I have to downsize my collection of art supplies. These are the best of the best: rubber stamps, ink pads, stencils, papers, transparencies, vellum, scrapbook paper, handmade paper and more. I have spent more than twenty years collecting and gathering some of the above items. They now need to find new homes. Thank you for your interest.

Please note that the prices below are for U.S. shipping only. Thank you.

Vintage Nude Postcard Grab Bag: These are reproductions of vintage nude postcards. Each one is different. They are all women. All are tasteful.  You will receive 10 different postcards for $17 includes shipping. These are extremely limited.



Wood mounted Sets of Rubber Stamps The above photo is the box open and the second photo is the box closed.
Top row (left to right):
Cavallini and Company Birds and Nests SOLD! THANK YOU!
-Toto  available please mail
-Accessories available please mail
-Nature Pattern available please mail
Bottom row (left to right):
Vintage LetterPress SOLD! THANK YOU!
Chinese Nature Stamps SOLD! THANK YOU!
Decorative Lace SOLD! THANK YOU!

$13 each includes shipping. Email

The supplies below are SOLD OUT. Thank you!


AB Seas Alphabet Set

Miscellaneous Alphabet, Number and Date Stamps

Three Floral Stamp Sets Mounted on Cushion Only plus bonus flower (u/m) stamp 

New Ink Pad Set

Calendar/Planner Stamps

Wood Stamp Collection

CatsLife Press Calendar/Planner Stamps

Frank Lloyd Wright Alphabet Set

Two Calligraphy Alphabet Sets plus three smaller sets

Glitz Three Different Sets of Rubber Stamps.

Thank you so much for your time and interest!


Anty Pam said…
Kelly - just received my STUFFED envelope - THANK,YOU SO MUCH!! I could not be more pleased. I have never seen ANY of these beautiful papers anywhere before, and I could never have acquired such a huge collection in the rest of my lifetime any other way! Great variety, love love love the many different colors, styles, patterns, textures and fiber contents. What a great variety of stamps, too - ALL of them so cute - and usable (the polka dots might be my favorite!). Plus those delicious stencils (the delicate laser-cut fall leaves are wonderful - and the eye chart?! too cute!) not to mention the fun and pretty pens - OHMYSOUL I am so so happy to have all of these 'pretty things' on MY side of the USA now!!
Love the set of little stencils I bought, too - I will use these so often in my BUJO, glue book, collage pages and letters to my granddaughter.
Anyway, just had to say thank you again 'cuz this was one mighty fine (and fun) 'grab bag' purchase! ❤️������ Delighted I am,
Kelly Kilmer said…
Thank YOU, Pam. I am so happy that my supplies have found such an enthusiastic home where they will be loved and used. Big hugs and huge thanks!!!

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