Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Playing With Brushes

I have been buying supplies in preparation for my East Coast classes. While at the art store buying paper for my classes at The Queen's Ink, I found some new to me brushes. I really like them. They are smooth and fit well in my hand. I've been using them with my acrylics. Another bonus is that they are affordable. They're called Princeton Select

From right to left (on a page that's a work in progress.)

Flat Shader 6
Chisel Blender 8
Round 2
Spotter Petite 20/0
Filbert Petite 0

What are your favorite brushes?


Emie58 said...

I've been using the Princeton Neptune... but so far I've been using them for watercolors... will have to check out the Select ones for acrylics. TFS

Kelly Kilmer said...

@Emie I really like them! :)