Friday, September 11, 2015


Tucked in a corner at a Starbucks in Valencia waiting for Tristan to finalize his class schedule. I think we've clocked more miles driving back and forth in three days than we do in a month. The school isn't that far but Tristan seems ready and willing to be free and on his own. I'm not ready to let go yet... I'll be driving him but he has dreams of staying at the school as much as possible. I have different dreams of a weekly 9-5 schedule for him and then family time in the evenings and weekends (as well as to and from school until he gets his license.) We'll see what unfolds... 

For now, I'll grab work time when I can get it. Have journal will travel. Holding onto heartstrings.

(This is a new journal and a work in progress. I'll be sharing photos on Instagram. Back to posting my regular, finished journal pages on the blog this weekend.)

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