Saturday, September 26, 2015

10 April 2015 Journal Page

Home. A very good but very long day. 

Up at 6 a.m. Out the door by 7. Starbucks. Black, unsweetened iced tea. Class with a great group of women at The Making Place. The latest Art Journaling (I rarely buy it but my friend, Taylor, is in it.) A 100° car ride home (the ac is broken so windows were cranked with Hardline and Oingo Boingo on the CD player. Autumn always means Danny Elfman on the radio for me.) 2 1/2 -hours later, home. I prefer an early class start time (less traffic.) 20 minutes. Change of clothes. Back in the car. Gallery Nucleus in Arcadia. Yuri Norstein. Francheska Yurbusova. Tale of Tales. Hedgehog in the Fog. Animation happiness. Decisions. Wolf or Hedgehog. Wolf always wins. Print. Magnets. Barron Storey in Juztapoz from years ago for $2. Late supper of pizza and greens at Zelo Pizza in Monrovia. Filling the car with gas for the gazillionth time this week. Milk at Vons. Home. Pajamas. Scream Queens. Bed. Dreams.


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