Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Holiday Wish List/Gift Giving Guide for Artists

Someone asked me what my holiday wish list as far as art supplies went. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not constantly buying art supplies unless it's for my classes. My favorite supplies are listed (on the right hand side of the blog here.) I'm always looking for inspiration so books are at the top of my wish list. Three books that I really would love right now are:

Books that I ALREADY HAVE and would recommend to any art lover are: Juliana Coles and Orly Avineri's latest self published offerings of their art journals, Maira Kalman and Lynda Barry's latest are very big favorites.

I would really love this pelvis stencil. I LOVE the sacred heart stencil, the Sri Yantra (and several others) from Artistscellar in 6 x 6" size.  I always love Crafters Workshop stencils. I need more alphabet stencils (always looking for letter stencils. Any favorites?) I love small stencils that I can throw in my art journal bag.

Water based paint markers are a big favorites. I just bought some extra fine paint markers from Montana in colors I didn't have as well as a couple of empty extra fine paint markers, replacement tips and bottles of their refills for the colors that I wanted that didn't come in extra fine size. 

I'm always looking for collage material so a trip to a good used bookstore like Iliad Books in North Hollywood (my favorite) might be fun for an artist. They can find inspiration or materials!

I'm a BIG sucker for washi tape and alphabet stamps that I search for on etsy or at Kinokuniya. I also love handmade paper so a gift certificate to an art store (like Flax) or Paper Source would make any artist drool. 

Pens from Jetpens.

Handmade. Handmade and Handmade at Etsy. 

Rub-ons. I'm always looking for good rub-ons to use in my artwork. I love the old letraset letters as well as some fun scrapbooking ones.

Stickers because I'm 40 going on 8. You're never too old! 

Magazines I love: Uppercase, Flow and Another Escape are all favorites.

I backed this kickstarter project and can't wait for Temple of Art as a book AND A film to come out. (I ordered both.)

In person or online classes from your favorite artists and art teachers. They make great gifts! I know someone who loves to teach and can make up gift certificates for you. 

The biggest gift that I would want but can only make myself is time. Time to create my journal pages, time to read, time to think, time to immerse myself in what I love to do the most.

Artist friends, what is on your wish list?


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your comprehensive gift review. Just reading about coccaina glue sticks, rub ons, stencils, stickers, Lynda Barry, Maira Kalman, Uppercase, Flow etc, just made feel grounded and re-energized. Your recommendations affirmed that I need art, books, and supplies, not only for inspiration, but for my soul---and we are talking about survival of my mind, body, and soul, in an eerily profound way. Thanks for your generosity of spirit, and for validating why art-related gifts are not indulgences, but rather, sustenance of life and survival of ones soul. Hope you have an amazing and restorative holiday. Alexandra

tracey said...

I put stickers (especially alphabets) on my xmas list for my family this year. I'm sure they think I'm nuts, but I don't care. in 2-3 years of putting that on my list, I'm sure they'll understand I'm serious. If only we were sister, Kelly, or SIL. That would rock. Let me know if you get bored with your life in WeHo and with David. I have two more brothers in NJ to marry off. ;)

Unknown said...

Great ideas, Kelly! I am particularly interested in that Mary Nohl book as I have never heard of her. Can you believe that? With my love of Outsider art???!!!