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Thursday, October 16, 2014

"The Ultimate Ginger"

In class the other day, we were discussing favorite television shows and influences. I'm a very big fan of things that leave you thinking days later vs something that just engages you passively.

I love Dr. Who (Tom Baker, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi are all of the Doctors that I've seen and loved.) Yet, there is one episode that continuously stands out in my mind as one of the best things that I have ever seen on television.

Vincent and the Doctor.

If you haven't seen it, don't look it up. Don't click on anything. Just go right to Netflix or Amazon Prime or wherever and watch it. I don't care if you are the kind of person who tells me repeatedly that you don't care for science fiction (that's a whole 'nother argument that I'm not going to wag my finger at you about right now.) 

Trust me. Go. Watch. It. Now. 

Come back and let me know what you think. I'll be waiting.


Lori Wostl said...

I think that is my favorite Dr.Who too.

Liz said...

Oh yes, I do remember this conversation...thanks for the reminder!! I will have to watch this episode with my little fella since (as I mentioned) he is a Dr. Who super fan.

I'll let you know what I think...

tracey said...

When I'm trying to get someone to watch Doctor Who, I send them straight to "Blink," unless it's an arty person, then I send them to "Vincent and the Doctor." They are my two favorite episodes.

Mary Meyer said...

I tear up every single time I watch this and I think you are correct, I cannot think of a better program than this one. I just yesterday started my grandson with The Eleventh Hour and I his mother has loved Van Gogh for years so I am delighted to get this in motion. My sister's grandson, who has always loved costumes, is now in Jr High and has formed his geek tribe. I gave him my fez, and he has a bow tie and suspenders and is now requesting a brown tweed jacket with suede elbow patches, he already has his own brown betty teapot. I think we have quite the anglophile on our hands. But I am glad you brought this up.

lynne h said...

people who don't like science fiction?!!!


lisa_crofts said...

One of my faves too and I often think about it.