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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

6 November 2013 Journal Pages

I'm excited that I will be teaching at a new venue called The Making Place in Escondido this Saturday. I'm also really looking forward to teaching a brand new class called Cultivating You: A Journal Process this Sunday at Word is Art. Other plans for January include The Art Bar and a trek up North to teach in the Niles section Fremont. Good times! You can find out more about all of my classes here.

I found out on Sunday that one of my longtime stores, Ink About It in Westford, MA is closing this Spring. When I left the store after my class and drove down Route 225, I was thinking about how much I enjoyed teaching there. I was also thinking about my Dad and how he would drive me to class and we always went 225 and how much I loved the scenic road. I'll have to drive down there this summer with my Mom and Tristan. I will definitely miss teaching there.

Some folks will say that what I am about to write is sharing too much, but it's my truth and I always speak my truth.There is an expression that people often like to say, "when one door shuts another opens." In all honesty, I hate that expression. Really and truly. Every time another store closes, I am filled with fear and anxiety. Teaching is how I support myself and my family. It is my passion and what I love so very, very much. Some folks tell me that I should, "just get another job!" In all honesty, I made more money working as a 40 hour a week minimum wage bookseller at Barnes and Noble than I do in my 40+ hours a week of work as an art instructor but teaching fills my heart and my life with so much. I love my students, they are like friends and family to me. I am grateful for all that I am able to do and for those who take my classes and encourage me that I can keep on doing what I feel that I truly do best. For as long as I can, I will keep putting one foot in front of another and do what I love to do best. 


Anonymous said...

Kelly I wish I had your guts - I often say to people follow your heart, but I am not sure how often I have done this myself.Karenxx

Desert Mermaid said...

Kelly -- I agree with you on your sentiments about that statement, and many many others. I've been out of work, now, for 14 months, and the impact it's had on me, my relationships, my finances, has brought me to a place where platitudes and clich├ęs (even when delivered with the best of intentions) make me want to punch the person saying them directly in the face. THEY DON'T HELP!!! What helps is when someone is real, and says, 'god, this really sucks', then puts their arm around my shoulders. ... just sayin'!

Debby said...

Kelly I am so glad that your follow your heart and do what you love. It is sad when a small business store closes since that store is the one that carries the unique and cool artists' stamps and paper lines that the big box does not offer. Plus that small store is the one that brings in the wonderful artists like yourself that teach. I live in the midwest and when Archivers came in so many small shops went south and closed. Well now Archivers is closing too. If I had unlimited funds it would be so cool to have a store but I do not see that happening. So stay true to yourself and I appreciate what you post and your online classes.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thank you, ladies, for your kind words and support. They really mean a lot.

Toni, I emailed you privately. It does suck...xo.