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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Playing with Pattern

10 October 2013 Journal Page

One of the many things that I love to do on my pages is to play with pattern. Pattern from papers, stamps, stencils, rub-ons and marks that I make. I love putting pen to paper and making my own little repetitive patterns onto a page like I did here with the raindrops using water based Sharpie and Molotow paint markers. 


Speaking of pattern, David, Tristan and I went to the Academy last night for an incredibly rare chance (it was the first time that this print has ever been shown to the public) to see a 1992 reconstructed work print of Richard Williams' "The Thief and the Cobbler." The story as to what happened to this twenty eight years in the making, animated exclusively by hand film is heartbreaking. Williams teased about the screening in October when he was at The Academy. We jumped online when the tickets went on sale. Last night did not disappoint. 


The evening started with a screening of one of our favorites, A Christmas Carol. It was stunning on the big screen. Before The Thief began, Richard introduced the film. This is the second time we've seen him in person. His passion for what he does is quite evident. He's fun to watch (especially from the front row.) We've been to several Academy screenings and both Richard Williams (80 years young) and Jackie Chan are the only two directors that we've seen who preferred to stand rather than sit as they spoke. It was as if you couldn't harness the amount of energy, passion and drive that they have for their work.

What can I say about how I felt as I watched The Thief and the Cobbler? It's a film that I've heard my husband speak about for many, many years. It was one of his Holy Grails of Animation. I lost myself in the film. Pattern, timing, character, color, story telling and every bit drawn by hand. It really was an animation masterpiece. I'm still having a hard time putting my feelings into words. 


The thief and the cobbler (1993)

We are planning on going back to The Academy before the Richard Williams: Master of Animation exhibit (in the lobby) ends on December 22nd. It is always nice to catch the lobby exhibits when they're quieter. 


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1 comment:

Lottie said...

Wow Kelly - what a unique and awesome experience. Just from the short clip you added makes me drool with envy. I had never heard of the artist and you can't beat the 'old fashioned' hand drawn cartoons. They beat all the modern digitised films 'hands down'. There is a certain charm that you just can't explain about them isn't there.

Love your journaling pages as always - they have a unique charm too.. Your tear drops are so cute. I have managed three pages so far - but have yet to cover the virgin pages with pen and ink - it's a bit scary as I might mess them up! Not that they are of publishing quality. I have spent hours reading through the 365 Journal pages and all those prompts - plus two more of the other journals I bought. Yesterday I ordered the free catalogue from the UK site link - that was a joy as we are 'starved' of freebies over here. I also picked up a little booklet from the village pharmacy. Mr Lottie told me that I had had one before - which I had - to get the coupons from it for discounts on things. Now with 'fresh eyes' I spent a happy hour dissecting every page for faces, ephemera, colours, eyes, mouths, hands - I just wish those thoughtless advertisers would not print all over the best parts of models bodies, etc.

Please do NOT waste your time by emailing me when I comment - you are such a sweetie but there really is no need.