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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Bringing Home the Goods from the Bay Area

Monday morning, I was up and out the door nice and early to visit Muir Woods, one of my most favorite places on Earth. I've heard folks say that once was enough for them and here I am, not able to ever get enough of standing in the greatness of a Redwood. I am thankful to have been able to get into the park as tourists are now being turned away from it until the government can get themselves together

I walked around the woods for over two hours. On my way out, I stopped in their gift shop for some candles (no luck), incense and postcards. I also managed to pick up two books that called to me:

Like a Tree

Wanderlust: A History of Walking

I can't wait to dive into them.

From Muir Valley, I drove to San Francisco. On the way there I got lost (trying to go Route 1, which was closed, sent me backtracking) and my plans changed. Instead of heading to Kinokuniya first, I went to Flax. My GPS wasn't playing very nice with the bluetooth in the rental car so I had to pull over a few times after heading the wrong way more than once. By the way, San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge installed a new electronic only tolling system where they scan your license plate to pay the toll as you head south into the city. There aren't ticket takers there any more. So, if you're like me and in a rental car, you may want to read more about it before you go. You can pay the toll BEFORE you cross if you know the license plate AND you may be able to pay it up to two days AFTER you cross. More on that here as well as here.

I headed to Flax and managed to pick up all of the yummy goodies that you see above! While there I ran into two of my lovely students from Art is You. I offered to give them a ride over to Kinokuniya with me after we were all done shopping. It was nice to be in the company of others who also are passionate about art and creating things. It was also quite amusing that I also ran into the DeMengs! Michael and his wife, Andrea, were shopping at Flax. On my way out of Kinokuniya, I ran into them again as they were crossing the street to go to the mall. Glad I'm not alone on my love of art supplies!

I behaved myself at Kinobuyitall, having spent all of my money at Flax (just kidding, almost.) I bought one book:

Maija Isola: Art, Fabric, Marimekko

Having got a mini fix on San Francisco, I headed home. Now I'm unpacking and repacking for my class this weekend in Los Angeles and my classes next weekend in Fremont. Yay for new toys to play with! 

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