Tuesday, September 24, 2013

When is the Best Time to Create?

I read an article yesterday that asked, "When is the best time to create?" The answer was NOW. There is no magic inspiration fairy that waves her wand and taps you on the shoulder. 

Being an artist (or writer, chef, seamstress, etc...) is all about showing up and doing the work. The more work you do, the more proficient you will get. You will learn. You will learn new techniques. You will learn new ways of expressing yourself. You will learn so much more that can't always be put into words. You will make things that you love and things that you don't love all that much. Both are equally important. It's all part of the learning experience and life of an artist (writer, chef, seamstress, etc...)

So, stop making excuses. Find that ten minutes where you can plunk down, crack open your journal and just BE on the pages. If that ten minutes turns into thirty or sixty or more, great. If you can only do ten minutes, that's okay. Ten minutes today. Ten minutes tomorrow. Ten minutes daily adds up.  

Don't wait for inspiration to hit. It's not waiting for you. Do the work. Push yourself. Learn from yourself and from those around you. Keep pushing yourself. Don't judge. Just make. Trust me on this one.

Go read the article first. It'll light a fire under your ass.


Debby said...

Great article! Thanks for the inspiration!

Shanta said...

Thanks for the great post, Kelly. Read the article that you linked to, loved it, and signed up for the author's e-mail list.

I carry two journals with me everywhere (to work, the beach, the park, the local coffee shop, the grocery store, etc.) -- a lined one for writng, and my current art journal. And of course a thing of pens to write/draw/whatever with. I love making art, and it's really by falling into making more art when I was in college, and then starting to make it more and more often no matter how much I thought/think it sucks/could/would/should be better that I've gained an appreciation and love for making it all the freaking time. Which really is the most incredible thing. I still face a wall of resistance to make it sometimes, but I try to just push on and keep at it.

As long as I do *something* in either book (ideally, both -- hee!) everyday (and I notice a big difference in my mood when it's not everyday -- even if I only have 10 min. before bed or before work or on my work break, etc.) then I feel like OK, I've put in an effort, a good effort for the day for what I love, what I'm most passionate and driven to do. My inner critic/"other more important stuff" too often end up being used as excuses/distractions from my he(art) work. And I truly feel that way about it. There is nothing else that fulfills me through all my tension/drive/anger/frustration/joy/elation/calm/peace as making art does.

Anyway, I love your blog and look forward to your posts everyday. (I check for new posts on my phone in Newsify everyday :)) Thanks for being very, very awesome and a force of great in the world and in art.

Take Care,